Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Powerline Disputes GOTV.

Powerline Blog is disputing that the GOP get out the vote effort made the difference in this election. As long time readers know I do not agree (however, I doubt anyone aside from myself qualifies as a long time reader). See The Conventional Wisdom of Voter Turnout for my thoughts on the topic.

Anyway as I have heard numerous times the Republican Candidate typically needs a a 5% perhaps as little as 3% lead going into the final weekend. W had less and he came out that same lead intact. Turnout operations do not work to convince they work to increase enthusiasm among those already convinced. That is they work on increasing the choir's volume. In Ohio I heard reports that the vote for President, where he was expected to win were greatly increased. This is critical to countering the Democrat avalanches coming out of the Urban areas.

What we need to do is to keep the enthusiasm levels up. What the Democrats need to do (especially in light of another Powerline Blog) is think about what they are about. Are they for a strong America that stands for Liberty or are they cowards who will not stand up to those that will deny them the rights they "courageously" use to bash the President and our Nation?