Tuesday, December 14, 2004

To my Democrat Friends.

You may not like what I have to say in certain blogs.

I know some hardcore Democrats. In fact my wife and I are very close to a couple that work as hard for the Dems as I do for the Republicans. This couple is a Winter-Summer relationship. He is still active but in his mid-70s. Antonius' house is full of vintage WWII propaganda posters from our Government (note propaganda is not to be taken negatively here) talking about not being afraid to fight against facism and supporting our soldiers. I find it ironic his party is made up of those who are afraid of those very messages.

Can there be any wonder what the Democrats of today would have done in the 1940s? No, they would be Vichy-ous and Nazism and all of its attendant evils would still be with us. I am calling out to that spirit in the Democratic party. However, I don't think it will come back until the baby-boom generation passes.

President Roosevelt understood the fight was going to happen the question was when and the sooner the better. I wonder if the Army was prepared to fight then?