Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The 8th Congressional District Race.

Is not officially on yet, you may be aware it is pending an announcement from Mark Green and his future plans.

So this blog assumes he will announce his intentions to run for Governor of Wisconsin. Is that the future? I don't know only Mark does at the moment.

You all know who I support and this blog is not to plug that person but to report to you dear readers, who is running. So if the candidate I am supporting reads this please be assured I am with you because I am going to state an opinion which may not be considered encouraging.

Rumors have about four people running people running to replace Mark Green.

The Rumored Candidates for the Republican Nomination to run for the 8th Congressional District of Wisconsin are:

  1. John Gard.

  2. Paul Jadin

  3. Steve Wieckert

  4. Terri McCormick

Unless you are from the area three of the four may be unknown to you. Paul Jadin is the former mayor of Green Bay, Steve Wieckert is 57th assembly district representative, and Terri represents Wisconsin's 56th assembly district. John Gard as many know represents Wisconsin 89th assembly district and is the speaker of the assembly.

The following is based on no more than rumor and rank speculation! John Gard is the clear favorite in this race. The key to winning this race is winning Green Bay and while many may say Paul Jadin also will run well in Green Bay I think John Gard's notoriety and the fact his district is not too far from Green Bay will do much to help his cause in Green Bay. In fact a rumor I have picked up indicates Paul Jadin may switch party affiliations to run for the seat. This is a clever move on his part and would certainly get him past the primary race.

Is the rumor credible? I give it a fair amount of credence and I am sure the Democrats are courting him hard as he would be the most serious candidate they have ever had in the race for years and years.

How about the pair from Appleton? They do not have the built in notoriety so it will be an effort on their part but it is doable. Both candidates are very personable and charismatic and I know Terri has some good endorsements from local political leaders. They will have to count on their bases of support from Appleton and the upstate vote (which they will have to fight Gard for), and do better than one would expect in Green Bay. It can be done but they are going to have to have a good team and network like crazy in Green Bay.

If I were going to place money on the primary and general races this is how I would do it.


  1. John Gard

  2. Steve Wieckert

  3. Terri McCormick


  1. Paul Jadin

John Gard vs. Paul Jadin: Winner John Gard.

As readers know I am hoping for a slightly different outcome and I will work to help achieve that outcome!

Come back in the fall '06 and see how close this tracks with reality!