Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Last Bit.

Tonight's Last Bit comes early for many reasons.

As you may know one thing I like to do is to downhill-ski. It makes winter go so fast! When I was young and did not ski I would start getting fishing magazines and catalogs in February and it made the winter drag on soooooo long. Now it just flies. I embrace the winter and love it! Were it not for heating and driving on slippery roads I would like it even more!

The hill I ski at most is Ski Brule because my father's cabin is only about 25 or so minutes away. As far as the hill goes it is probably a mid-sized hill by Wisconsin, and Michigan (and Minnesota) standards; nothing in comparison to the hills out west or east. It is what we have.

At about 1:00pm or so we usually head in for sustenance. The place we head into is The Homestead Lodge which is about halfway down the hill on the backside. It is a building cobbled together from old homestead buildings and is very rustic. Imagine, it is a cold January day, it is grey with light lake effect snow falling. You walk into an old log cabin with potbelly stoves. What music do you expect playing?

  1. Bluegrass

  2. Pop

  3. Country and Western

  4. Raggae

  5. Classical

  6. None of the above

scroll down for the answer.

If you chose #4 you were right! Raggae. Ski Brule hires a crew from Jamaica to come up and help run the hill. They work both inside and outside a friendly crew that brings a smile. We have become on very cordial terms with one or two of them. Rala runs the Homestead and she is a very outgoing person.

We're Jammin' Jammin' I hope you Like Jammin too!
The Homestead of Happiness!

One spring two-three years ago Barnabas and I were skiing and we stopped in. It was in spring and the sun was out so it was warm and we sat and had our sustenance on the deck. A woman came out and saw us and said: "Chilli dogs and a pitcher of beer! Happy guys!", indeed! The chilli dogs at Brule are good and filling.

The Chlli Dog of Contentment
The Chilli Dog of Contentment!

Yes, we order beer when at the Homestead of Happiness. The beer of choice is Gilligan's Red (aka Killian's Red) a beer that has some flavor to it at least it is the most flavorful available to us at the Homestead of Happiness. If there are two we have just one pitcher, if there are three to four of us then it is two pitchers.

The Picther of Pleasentness
My father awaiting his share from the Pitcher of Pleasantness! Good job on the pour Rala!