Thursday, April 14, 2005

Two More. This Time Clear and on Cats.

Again from the Post Crescent.

TWISTED: What’s wrong with this picture: It’s OK to shoot the mourning doves, then OK to shoot cats because they kill birds? Where is the logic and mentality of these people? Use tin cans for your target practice.

Connie Koehler,


ANTICATITES? How many times has a cat been such a problem we would even think killing them would be a solution? I think this is a reflection of the no-cat-is-a-good-cat bias. Hunters, focus your rifles on fair game.

Bobbi Roloff,


Ms. Koehler & Ms. Roloff have you ever been to a farm that was overrun with cats? I mean hundreds of them? Half-eaten dead cats laying all over the place, NO songbirds not even winged-rats (aka mourning doves). No pheasents, no chickadees, no bluebirds, no finches, no birds of any sort!

BTW I am no anti-cat. I have had cats around most of my life. Doc, Cleo, Gizmo, Sweeney, and Yoda each one was a special part of my life. But those hundreds of feral cats are nothing but marauders. Every farm is going to have a few cats around and that is fine, but the situation I describe above was very real and very sad.

In any event I hardly suspect any DNR warden is going to get worked up over people controlling such a cat population on their own.