Monday, April 11, 2005

From the Freedom of Speech For Me but not Thee Files.

From Right Wing News:
In a civilized society, you don't listen quietly to demons like Buchanan and Horowitz spewing their madness, waiting politely for your chance to rebut like it's a high school debate team match. The very act of engaging them in discourse lends them a legitimacy that they haven't earned; it is unconscionable to allow them to present themselves to society as rational human beings with opinions and beliefs and arguments when they are not. They are not just people we disagree with, for the sake of f*ck. They are not playing our game--they are not making a good-faith effort to make sense of the world and do what they can to make things better--and we shouldn't pretend that they are.

...Horowitz isn't a person; he's a ridiculous hallucination, an evil spirit that thrives on our refusal to call him what he is. And the same goes for Buchanan and the rest of the wolf pack. Ridiculous buffoons all of them; treating them any other way is immoral and stupid.

Give me a choice, and I'll take a dreadlocked Marxist college student dousing Buchanan with salad dressing over Paul Begala sitting down and debating him any f*cking day of the week. At least one of them hasn't sold his soul to the devil yet. At least one of them is calling a spade a spade.

You know, one of the things the left always says when it comes to fighting those who want to kills is how the government starts to create propaganda to dehumanize our enemies. What is this above?

The commentary discussion on this blog is interesting. There are a couple of leftists arguing that pointing this out is just petty whining. They then try to turn the argument around and how the Conservative movement is much more dangerous. The arguments they make are based on a myth and faulty reasoning. One is the volcano movie that was torpedoed because viewers thought it was bad,but a few of them stated they did not like the movie's statements regarding evolution. >**< A marketing miracle happens (and a leftist myth), the producers accuse theaters of blocking the movie on the evolution comments.

Another arugment centers on essentially Ward Churchill. The claim is the right is trying to censor leftist professors. This is false, first off there is plenty of reason to fire Ward Churchill without him opening his mouth. It seems our universities hold the football coaches to higher standards than the professorate. In any event the problem is not with leftist professors but those that threaten students with lower grades based on ideological differences. I can not recall who it was (I want to say Jay Nordlinger) at National Review who recalled having a very liberal professor of history (the black woman featured in Ken Burn's "The Civil War" PBS series, IIRC) and she encouraged him, and did not penalize him for their very stark ideological differences. I could go on and on about this.

Then of course the leftists were able to dig up on a story involving a supposed art museum featuring smutty art on the taxpayer's dollar. The museum is/was being threatened with losing their access to tax dollars. That is not censorship, police going in and forcibly removing the art is censorship, losing their access to tax dollars is not.