Saturday, April 16, 2005

Honor In Amsterdam.

LGF reports on an honor killing in Amsterdam.

AMSTERDAM - An Iraqi-Kurdish man, 21, is suspected of murdering his sister, 18,to protect the honour of the family, a court in Arnhem heard on Friday.

During a pre-trial hearing, the presiding judge indicated the court wanted to question the victim's foster mother and aunt to establish if the killing was ordered by her family in Iraq.

The foster mother is in hiding because she fears the family in Iraq wants to punish her for giving the victim too much freedom.

This is very sad.

A colleague of mine thinks one of his students was honor-murdered. She was a very boisterous and outgoing young woman. Then all of a sudden she stopped attending class, after awhile colleague asked the class where this young woman was. He says his class grew deathly quiet. He then assumed this student of his was murdered.

The 9/11-19 despised our values but, they took full advantage of those values including visiting strip clubs and boozing it up.