Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Sunshine in the Valley.

Good Morning,

One of the regular things I do is to search for references to Blogger Beer with Technorati. I do this to see who is linking to and talking about Blogger Beer. Mike over at Het2Blog talks about a series of posts on the Wisconsin Blogosphere centered on what our individual motivations are for blogging. Mike picks up on a blog by Jib where Jib discusses his motivations for blogging.

Mike sees a series of blogs by myself and strings them together in an interesting way. I think he nails my motivations pretty good. I want to earn wide recognition and $ with this blog.

One of the motivations I have in blogging is to counteract the Eight-Balls who write into the Appleton Post Crescent. Now, the APC has a circulation much higher than my readership here at Blogger Beer and unless I am able to draw a large number of readers I feel that what I am doing is in vain; I am just filling up storage at Blogger; making hard drive manufacturers more wealthy. In order to accomplish my mission of persuasion I need a large number of readers.

I genuinely enjoy the writing this blogging entails. I get a great deal of satisfaction when I coin a term (even if no one picks up on it) or come up with a clever and funny way to say something and one thing I am always looking for in my life is to turn my passions into $. We all remember our guidance counselors and career advisors telling us to find a job we genuinely like to do. I am trying to follow that advice. This then requires signing up with syndicates such as Pajamas, this requires advertising and so on. Heck, a tip jar is probably going to be found here shortly as well.

I would blog even without the chance for monetary gain but as long as its possible why not? Even if Pajamas did not exist I would still blog. Sure Wretchard (a part of the motivation for me joining Pajamas was his participation in the affair), Charles, et al are going to be making more bucks off of myself than the other way around. So? I would be doing this with or without Pajamas why not put Blogger Beer into a position to garner more traffic and advertising revenue?

I do not see advertising or making it big leads to selling out. I think Rush is an example of this, I have listened to Rush Limbaugh for sometime. I have detected no letup in the passion with which he pursues his agenda with. I do not see he has become "more moderate" (is that an oxymoron?) or a sell out with larger audiences. In fact Rush is the first to tell people selling out is a way to lose the magic.

Wow, that was a heavy blog so early in the morning!