Friday, June 17, 2005

Gitmo Alternative.

What should be done with those currently in the Gitmo camp?

What would the Democrats and their fellow travelers on the left do with those in Gitmo? What would they do with future people who belong in Gitmo?

Here are the options as I see them.

Kill them. Well, for some terrorists this is probably the best option but others have valuable information our armed forces would do much better to know. Also, one of the drawbacks to this approach is it makes the enemy fight harder, why surrender? If you fight you have a chance to
live but to surrender is to surely die. Not a set of choices to encourage surrender, even if our enemy glorify death.

Send them to another camp. What real difference would this make? Substitute the name of the new camp for Gitmo and we are right back in the same spot and surely nothing will change.

Don't capture them in the first place is another option. That is bring the WOT to an end and revert back to old way of dealing with terrorism. This is what the screaming about Gitmo is really about.

Place the Gitmo detainees into our routine criminal justice system. This would result in the release of most of these creeps and for those that found themselves committed to a federal penitentiary it would probably be a death sentence at the hands of the inmates.

The logic behind the Geneva conventions is to protect civilians from becoming caught up in the fighting of wars. The creeps in Gitmo fought our troops in ways that are proscribed by the Geneva conventions and hence do not deserve its protections. Thus has it been in warfare forever.

If a soldier fights within the bounds of such understandings they are accorded the humane treatment when captured. If not, woe be to them. Were the captured prisoners in the Gulf War I subjected to extraordinary treatment? No.

Watch any old war movie, what happens to the man in plain clothes in enemy territory trying to conduct clandestine operations? They are usually executed after interrogation (if not shot on the spot). To be sure there have been exceptions (German's shot uniformed US soldiers captured in the Battle of the Bulge because they couldn't be bothered with POWs and did not want to leave them in their rear areas, our soldiers would do that same thing in similar circumstances as well) but they are....exceptions.