Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Here a RINO, There a RINO, Everywhere a RINO.

Recently one of the blogs I read on a regular basis noted Al Ott is proposing legislation to make it harder to have recall elections.

A couple of comments then heaped it on Al in what I consider to be an unfair manner. First off let me be up front, I have not seen the legislation and am not certain how much harder it would be to hold a recall. Secondly, I acknowledge there are good arguments both pro and con for recalls. My very quick take on the action is that it should be hard for the electorate to change its mind in between elections. As the old saying goes you made your bed... Same for the voters, if they made a bad choice they should suffer through it and learn a lesson. I don't have any links handy, but Jonah Goldberg has burned a column or two on the subject and my view on recalls flows from those articles.

Now, I find in the blogosphere (and it seems the left blogosphere has the same thing going on) in general the distance between the roadway and the cliff is quite short. That is, a political leader has very little room to dissent before the blogosphere starts to howl and yell RINO (or I suppose DINO). I think in the case above this is way too quick. As I said in the above case there are good arguments against recalls.

In any event I find the cry of R(D)INO is starting to morph into an anti-concept. The term was never explicitly brought out but the implication of what was stated was loud and clear.