Friday, July 08, 2005

The Highly Original Comment.

I picked up a comment on my Please, May We Call The Traitors? blog.

It consisted of a calling the CinC a traitor and trotting out that cutesy little saying about deceit and death. They also left a link to a website.

I deleted the comment. Why? Because it contributed absolutely nothing to a conversation and is a waste of bandwidth. In fact, I suspect it was comment spam. Now, this is MY blog. If you go through the comments here there are criticisms of me and my positions. JPE lodged a good criticism the other day on something I said about restraining orders. Back when the Schiavo memo was uncovered I had some people call me for insinuating they were bogus. I think their criticism was off of the mark and I said so, but delete it I did not.

As Jim Rome would say have a take don't suck! The spambot who left that comment on the above blog sucked and was consequently run for it! BBBBBBBEEEEHHHHHHH!