Friday, July 08, 2005

A Letter to the Editor.

Below is a letter to the editor of a local newspaper I plan to submit. If you have any comments on it please do so. Anything, punctuation, grammar, wording, the ideas being expressed. Have a take and don't suck!


Do Not Cry Wolf!
A shocking ignorance of history was on display in this section. Paul Carron's letter decrying the treatment of the inmates of Guantanomo Bay. First off, did we give trials to the Germans we detained in WWII? No, crazy you say? I agree crazy question but it is exactly what Paul Carron is suggesting should have happened.

Our forces did not detain these people for shorting customers on mutton, these are hardcore terrorist types. Some of those we have released have been killed or re-captured in action fighting in Afghanistan (

He goes on and parrots Dick Durbin's ludicrous historical comparisons. Stalin's USSR was responsible for an estimated 20 million deaths, Mao's China 60-65 million deaths, and 2 million in Cambodia ( Nazi Germany just from the concentration camps snuffed out around 6 million lives. In addition the crimes committed in these places went way beyond the simple murder of innocents, they certainly went beyond a inmate piddling on himself.

Now, explain to me how placing an inmate in a room without AC or too much AC is equivalent? Explain to me how giving them 3 halal square meals a day is similar to the above? Explain to me how being apologetic for treating their Qur'rans better than a New York City artist would accord the Holy Bible is equivalent to the above?

I would be careful about making such charges. Next time it could be a legitimate complaint and no one will listen.