Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Iowahawk Under Investigation!

UNS - 7/20/2005 Washington D.C.

Director of the FBI's Computer Crime Division Hillary Shaftus announced an investigation into the blogger known as Iowahawk. "This investigation was instigated by complaints from The Progressive Action Network (PAN). Iowahawk allegedly cracked their network and without their permission downloaded secret documents; property of the PAN."

Leophilus Cunninglingus from the PAN in a press release said "Iowahawk must have cracked our network. This document resembles our anti-Bush judicial nominee press release to a tee! You know it is ours because if you look back at the press releases from the Owen, Roders-Brown, Pryor, Estrada, Scalia, Thomas, Sourter, Rehnquist, John Marshall, John Rutledge, and John Jay confirmation battles it is the same press release verbatim. The damage is incalculable, we will now have to change our Word macro on conservative judicial nominations. He cracked our computer system and we want Iowahawk frog-marched yesterday! Investigations are obstruction!"

WisconsinEagle a friend of Iowahawk says his friend is innocent. He states "Isn't it all too obvious? They have not changed their playbook in the entire history of the nation, only they could be so blind to it."

Iowahawk - He or She Is The Wrong Man or Woman For The Court