Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Backing Off The Tough Starting up with the Mealy.

One wants to come up with Churchillian rhetoric in a time like this. One wants to come up with words that inspire and motivate in times like this. We do not need words, even the likes of London's mayor seems tough at the moment. I will not be so lofty.
Source: Blogger Beer - The Bombing.

The reference was to London's mayor Ken Livingstone. Well, I was shocked he even tried to feign resolve in the face of those who would murder commuters. Well, Ken has changed his tune: This LGF blog notes:
Ken Livingstone yesterday blamed western policies for contributing to the spread of the extremist beliefs that inspired the London bombers. The mayor of London highlighted the West's role in the creation of al-Qa'eda by saying: "We created these people. We built them up. We funded them."
Source:Little Green Footballs: Red Ken: We Deserved the Bombings

This is more like it Ken! I was starting to worry you were ill when you were talking tough! Peace in our times, if we only give in, right Ken?