Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Sunshine in the Valley.

Good Morning,

We are bracing for a water outage today! They need to cut the water line, apparently the water line is in way of the new storem sewer that is going in. I still have some time. We have pots full of water scattered through the house and I have started a cooking project already in anticipation of this. Perhaps, it is a Cousin's day for lunch.

Well, there is enough comment fodder out there today there is no shortage of events to comment on. The first one is the nomination of John Roberts to the SCOTUS. Obviously I will not refer to the impending confirmation battle as a "Battle Royale".

Of course, we still have leftists convinced this little non-scandal they are frothing at the mouth over is actually real. Last night, I saw some blogs saying KR is a subject of what was characterized as a perjury investigation. Nevermind Fitzgerald has repeatedly said none of the big names in this affair are targets of the inquiry, but if the facts so far have not convinced the left this is nothing why, would a mere statement by the lead investigator?

While there is comment fodder, there is nothing specific on my mind, take it as it comes!

Have a good day and remember don't wish your life away wishing for Friday!