Sunday, October 30, 2005

Up North.

Light blogging weekend.

We all need a break every now and then, right? Anyway am up north, yesterday we pulled the dock out of the lake. That job is much quicker than putting it in. Boat is being processed out of the lake right now and then after that is done we get the boat lift out, for the first bit that is easy then it involves one heck of a whole lot of grunt work.

It is overcast today and not too cool not too warm (50s). Those leaves yet on the trees have no reason to fall today.

I took quite a few pictures of tamaracks. The tamaracks still have their needles and they are a brilliant gold color. Next to the other pine trees they a great photo and prove that God is a Green Bay Packer fan, in the fall he paints the bogs with the colors of green and gold.

Father Bob at St. Mary's (in Phelps) had an interesting sermon this morning. It defintely worthe commenting on here but just not now.

Anyway have a good Sunday.