Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Toby Paltzer's Patterns.

Toby Palzer is the county executive for Outagamie County. He is (AFAIK) a member of the Republican County Party or at least gets a fair amount of support from the OCRP and I have seen him at OCRP events.

Well a friend points out the following.
192. Paltzer, Toby


Appleton, WI 54913

Outagamie County/County Executive

Transaction itemized by: FRIENDS OF NUSBAUM FOR CONGRESS
Source: Political MoneyLine - 263 contributions listed for NUSBAUM, NANCY JEAN

I was helping out at Octoberfest just before the 2004 elections. A friend was chiding Mr. Paltzer for supporting Becky Weber's opponent a Democrat. I thought it was an anomaly, apparently it was not. Mr. Paltzer is the classic RINO and in fact appears to be a Democrat. Of course, County Exec is non-partisan, but if you are an Outagamie County Republican there is no reason for supporting him.

On another topic it is interesting going over the list on how many of Ms. Nusbaum's contributions come from Madison. Come on Nancy, you are running to represent Northeast Wisconsin not Madison.