Thursday, August 03, 2006

Eight-Ball Weiner.

Letters: Bush's track record leaves sour taste

In less than six years, the Bush administration has done more damage than any other presidency. Look at his glorious record, folks.

First, we invade two countries that had nothing to do with the 9-11 attacks. Osama bin Laden and his followers that attacked the World Trade Centers were from Saudi Arabia and not from Afghanistan and Iraq.

Could it be that we invaded these two countries because one has the world's largest opium fields and the other because it has one of the world's largest oil reserves?
Source: Appleton Post Crescent Letters to the Editor by Joseph E. Mares
Ahhh, the Taliban had nothing to do with 9/11. They didn't give Osama bin Laden shelter and support. Ohhhkay, I bet Ole Joe thinks he is a member of the "reality based community" as well.

Second, gas prices have almost doubled at the pump since Bush and Cheney have come into office. Is it because Bush and Cheney are both oilmen and they are both joined at the hip with the Saudis?

The real terrorists to our nation's economy are the 11 OPEC nations and the big oil companies. What is being done to stop the price gouging by this administration? The answer is nothing.
Source: Appleton Post Crescent Letters to the Editor by Joseph E. Mares
Oh yeah, only President Bush has connections to the Saudis. President Clinton never go there. Isn't it interesting those who at least try to be friendly with the US are reviled by the leftoids while those who hate the US and hate Western Civilization and want to snuff both out are lauded by leftoids.

Price gouging price gouging squawk price gouging. In those two words there is absolutely no thinking. Price gouging is a pout that someone has to choose from filling up four 4x4s, a boat, and their Suburban. Mr. Mares, I will offer to buy your house for $1,000.00 anything more makes you a dirty price gouger.

Third, Halliburton, which was once headed by Dick Cheney, has made hundreds of millions of dollars off the Iraq war, our U.S. troops and Hurricane Katrina.

An interesting article for all to read in the June Readers Digest is titled "The $9 Billion Heist." While our troops are dying, crooks are getting rich on the war.

Fourth, the national debt has gone up from a little over $5 trillion to $8.4 trillion. As of today, that comes out to $28,132 each for every man, woman and child. We are a bankrupt nation.
Something must be done now because we will not survive another two and one-half years of this inept leadership.
Joseph E. Mares,
Source: Appleton Post Crescent Letters to the Editor by Joseph E. Mares

Sigh, I do not see that our government has commandeered the means of production yet. Whenever the government lifts a finger someone is bound to make money. The cry about the national debt is the only point where Mr. Mares comes close to anything sensible, however I suppose Mr. Mare wants to fix that by confiscating wealth from those who have earned and produced it thereby removing incentive to risk and work.

Mr. Mares is one of those rare leftoids who is very dangerous to America. Some we can tolerate but I have little patience for those of Mr. Mares ilk. I grant to anyone the cause in Iraq is debatable (eminently so) but those who think the Taliban had nothing to do with 9/11 are dangerous, Mr. Mare also probably believes Hezbolalah had nothing to do with the current situation in Israel.

Mr. Mare's first Eight-Ball Award!
Congratulations Mr. Mare for being today's Eight-Ball Weiner!