Tuesday, August 15, 2006

What An Idiot.

I have Hannity and Colmes on right now. They had point & counter-point on discussing the use of profiling against terrorism.

Counter-point was a screaming idiot (literally). He couldn't keep his mouth quite and every time Point said that factors such as nationality, age, and religion all play a part in trying to pinpoint terrorists, Counter-point would scream like Point was trying to lynch all Muslims.

Mr. Hannity asked Counter-Point if it made more sense to search a 82 year old Lutheran grandmother from Grand Forks or a 23 year old guy from Gaza. Counter-Point would scream "I'm not playing that game".

I remember reading in a book. How about 9-10 young Arab men were fingered for greater scrutiny and how those warnings were ignored. It was not just the fact they were Arabs and young men that caused those computer programs to suggest extra scrutiny, but it certainly was a factor.