Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Afraid of the Fox? How About The Wolf?

More Democratic candidates are stepping away from debates broadcast on Fox News.

Both Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama said they would not participate in a presidential debate sponsored by Fox News Channel, throwing the event in jeopardy.

The two senators joined former Sen. John Edwards, who announced on Friday he would not participate in the debate, one of four being held by the Congressional Black Caucus Institute.
Source: Variety – Clinton, Obama just say no to Fox (Presidential debate thrown into jeopardy)

Add to this Elizabeth Edwards fear of Republicans just show how these people are not fit to lead our nation in times of chaos. They all claim to be uniters (to be fair, what pol does not do that) and do not even try.

If these three want to lead this nation they can not be afraid of their political opponents, what will happen when they have to face real enemies?

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