Friday, February 01, 2008

Is Conservatism About To Enter The Desert?

And roam for 40 years? Well, maybe not 40 but you get the idea.

I think it is very possible. The distaste many conservatives have for John McCain is very strong. Strong conservatives are talking about not voting for McCain. Now, maybe the reality will eventually hit them and they will do the nose pinch. Maybe not. After all, Ann Coulter is on record saying she prefers Hillary Clinton over John McCain.

Yeah, it is true McCain can not win without the "moderate voter" but he certainly can not win if conservatives do not vote for him.

Here is what I can see will happen. Hillary and her mud machine will eek out the nomination over the JFK Lama. She will then ask the JFK Lama to join her ticket as VP. That in my mind guarantees sixteen years of Dems in the Whitehouse.

The JFK Lama (the reincarnation of the mythical JFK as opposed to the real JFK) is very much like our own Russ Feingold. Despite his votes and his positions he has fooled many people into believing he is just another moderate. Oh, he is so nice!.

If one does not pay attention one might think the JFK Lama a moderate, just like our own Russ Feingold. So we will see moderates parading around with material promoting (for instance) John Gard and the Hillary -- JFK Lama ticket. Just like I saw people with gear pushing President Bush and Russ Feingold back in '04.

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