Sunday, September 06, 2009

Another Dumb Commercial

Is being put out by Saturn. You know the one, where Jim Smith is on TV telling us how he is sick of the pundits telling us how American car companies can not build cars Americans want to buy. He has it wrong, of course, it would not do to relate what the pundits really are saying — and that is the government will not be able to build cars Americans want to buy and the restrictions & regulations they try to promulgate will cause them to build cars we don't want to buy.

Clearly President Brk wants us to not drive at all, but if we must (we must, we must) then he wants us in pint sized shoeboxes — and those cars Jim Smith — Americans will not buy no matter who makes them.

Yeah yeah, I've seen a car around that makes a shoebox look like a Suburban, but it will not be a viable model or lineup.