Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Mercury Marine — 2,800

One thing I see a lot of people forgetting when discussing the Mercury Marine Situation is the fact Mercury Marine was primarily looking to consolidate two plants spread out by pretty much the width of our nation.

These jobs are going to leave anyways in two years. These guys are going to get knocked back to $15 while top executives will suffer nothing.
Source: Boots & Sabers Comment #5 by Keith Schmitz re: Yes!

What Keith is obviously forgetting is that another result of this vote is Brunswick will move MerCruiser manufacturing from Stillwater OK to Fond du Lac. Does it make at all sense for Brunswick to move MerCruiser to Fond du Lac and then (perhaps) before the move is complete shut down Fond du Lac and move it all again? No, it does not.

Mercury Marine is making a serious commitment to Fond du Lac and Wisconsin with this move, and from all appearances this is what Mercury Marine's management wanted.

Yeah, no doubt the concessions made by the Union are tough a pay cut is never an event to be joyed over, but are pay freezes worse than 100% pay cuts? Yeah, if I was a floor worker at Mercury Marine I'ld be looking, fortunately, there is an employer not too far away looking for extra help in similar manufacturing endeavors.