Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jerry Bader - The Mess He is In

I listen to a local talk show hosted by Jerry Bader on AM 1360. Recently he made a report on air and on his blog about a former Democratic candidate for governor of Wisconsin. I will not get into the details (you can see them by googling or following the link above). In any event he retracted his report and is now suspended for two weeks and WTAQ and its management is mulling Jerry's future with WTAQ.

The report was not widely discussed on the WI Blogs but James Wigderson made this initial post on the story. He is not so much passing it as fact but does note it had better be fact. However, the most interesting commentary is in in this post after Bader retracted the story:
Also interesting would have been a discussion of why the news organizations waited. They were not saints. WTMJ’s John Jagler wrote on Twitter, “the Barbara Lawton rumors have the entire media world freaking out. Who will be the first major news outlet to break it?”

When I tweeted back to him the link to Bader’s podcast, Jagler responded, “that’s not big enough”.

Not that WTAQ and Bader weren’t credible, or that Jagler didn’t believe what Bader said, or that they were trying to verify the story. Just that Jagler was hoping someone bigger would go with the story, prompting my sarcastic reply, “Really? That’s the excuse? (At this point I’ll refrain from making a joke about the shrinking of Journal Communications.)”

Source:Why blame the blogs? — Wigderson Pub & Library
That is, the news people at WTMJ wanted to run with the story but were afraid to they wanted to run with a herd.

Fear of bad consequences is an important human emotion it prevents people from receiving bad consequences.

I heard the original reports from Jerry on air and wondered what was really to be gained from public knowledge of the story? Lawton was out of the race and from what we all pretty much know I think it can be assumed at the very least there was tremendous pressure from Democratic bigs on her to withdraw from the race.

I like Jerry and if WTAQ sends him packing, I will simply stop listening to WTAQ, I don't even need WTAQ for the 11am - 2pm talk show host, because if I am feeling like Rush I usually pull Rush up via internet stream.