Thursday, September 24, 2009

Job Hunt Frustrations

I got a call yesterday from local company X — in regards to a position I had put in for early last July. Yeeee-haw! The HR Droid was hot to get me talking with hiring manager the earlier the better, so despite things on today's schedule I assented to a phone interview at 1:00 pm this afternoon.

Early in the morning, I did some research on the company, drafted a list of questions I had, and went over some of the typical interview questions and formulated responses to those questions. Then I reviewed my job boards and put in for another position I saw listed. While prepping for the interview, the firm working to fill the position I applied to this morning called. She specifically said the client expects me to put any job hunt on hold while working this gig (till end of the year) and commit to it. I then informed the recruiter I was phone interviewing with Company X, so she proposed to call me in the middle of next week.

So, that all done, I went outside and dug a large deep hole for the maple tree that needed planting and that finished up at about lunch time t-minus 1-hour to the interview. I made a couple of BLTs with a fresh picked & ripe tomato and cleaned up. T-minus 15 minutes, so I gathered up extra pens, got my reading glasses handy, pulled out my question list, and readied my portfolio for the call. 1:00 comes, no call understandable since they are just returning from lunch. 1:15 comes, well maybe an urgent situation came up and they are running late. 1:30 comes, now I'm getting POed. 1:45 comes I finally calm down enough to quit pacing and sit on the couch. 1:50 comes I am dozing off. 1:55 comes, and so does my Father to help with the maple planting.

I waited until about 2:15 put on my work boots and gathered up what we needed to plant the maple tree.

Company X you just took a hit in my eyes. I can be forgiving but the promised e-mails never turned up and you missed the first call. I'll suck it up and see what happens next but I hope this is not a pattern.

LOL, Company Y which I interviewed at last spring is looking to hire a person to implement a billing system. I'm not putting in for that, the person looking to hire is going to fritter the first interview by telling the applicant how cool he is and how the rest of the people in the company view him as the anti-Christ and how his kid is tweeting, and txting from the Indian quad-chair.