Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rushing Rush

With that old play known as fake, but accurate and it works this time. Apparently, Rush is no longer part of the buyers group. This is interesting.

A few observations.

Many opposed noted how sports and athletics is a unifying thing and the last thing it needs is a divisive figure. Well, friends, it takes to two or more to be divisive. So, divisiveness as usual is defined as not agreeing with the left or perhaps at being an effective spokesmen against the left.

I find it quite interesting the left is peddling all of these horrible quotes. However, they can not provide any specifics. They talk and parrot two main lines (which I will not repeat) but can not provide any sourcing for those quotes. In fact, at least one quote appears to be originally attributed to Rush by some blogger. The left is now retreated to their fallback position of fake, but accurate.

As a long time listener of Rush (I don't listen to Rush all the time but often enough) I agree with the fake but strenuously disagree with accurate. Most of those in this fight against Rush do not listen to Rush and base their opinions on what is relayed to them by the mainstream mastodons.

The NFL is full of thugs and the commissioner reinstated Michael Vick (I supported Vick's reinstatement) which I remember seeing a lot of people in my social network disapprove of.

Fighting dogs we are okay with, fighting leftists we are not.