Saturday, October 03, 2009

Her Name is Rio and She Dances on the Sand!

Yes, my take on the failed Chicago Olympic bid.

What is the big deal one way or another here? I too was shocked, after all that almost trite notion that the president doesn't go to something like that unless it is in the bag is something I too generally believe in.

First, I wanted the Olympics to come to Chicago. We live about four hours away and it would not have inconvenienced us and probably would have led to increased tourism in the area (i.e. people staying in the hotels to go to Chicago & its surrounding environs for the games) which is always a good thing. Two, so what if the President got involved with it? I'ld rather have him doing that than making a mash of important things.

However, as we all know the Olympics went to Rio de Jenerio. No big deal, but from what I understand Michelle's and Obama's speeches were all about themselves and what the Olympics could do for Chicago and that is the wrong way to make a sale.

One other thing people are carping on is the waste of fuel and expenses to ferry Michelle & Obama back & forth. To this I say so what?

Guess Chicago didn't buy the IOC enough booze, hookers, and trinkets.