Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mandating Health Care & Pre-Existing Conditions

One commone argument the left brings up in the health care debate is how insurance companies refuse to cover pre-existing conditions. For insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions would be like asking your bookmaker to take a bet the Packers in today's game (the Packers lost in a game that appeared much closer than it really was) during the final drive of the game. The bookie is not going to do it. For insurance to work both parties must exchange risk, and if you buy an insurance policy after you know you have a given medical condition you are not risking anything.

However, refusing to cover those with pre-existing conditions makes for tear laden news stories. So, President Brk and his congressional allies tell us they, mean to end the scourge of non-coverage of pre-existing conditions. How will they do that? Does the government plan to coerce the insurance companies into covering all pre-existing medical conditions? Oh-no, not at all. They will eliminate pre-existing conditions by coercing YOU to always carry a health insurance policy. You see, if the government coerces you into always being covered by a health insurance policy then you will never have a pre-existing medical condition. If you don't have your own policy than the IRS will make sure you do.

Now, there is no dobut it is wise having a health policy always. I've had two periods when I had to come up with my own coverage. The first was after I was no longer a dependent on my parents. I bought my own policy with a high deductible. Next, was when I was in the UAE I bought a health policy to cover any treatment beyond lancing a boil as I did not trust that nationalized health system. The next time was post-UAE and pre-employment, again the policy was purchased with my own dollars and carried a high deductible. I don't need a policy to cover a bad case of gas but for major treatment needs.

So remember, no more denial for pre-existing conditions means having the IRS as your insurance dealer.