Saturday, September 19, 2009

Missing DNA -- No CYA Just Get the DNA

I heard a radio report on the missing DNA problem.

They are talking about knocking on up to 12,000 doors and demanding samples. I am thinking that that is going to cost a lot of dollars. All such folks who are in custody somewhere or fall back into custody — get their DNA, but don't go traipsing all over the nation to collect the samples.

Another thing we should not do. A fellow quoted in that radio report noted they are hard at work not pointing fingers & working to fix the problems. Here here! If we try to get some heads to display on pikes there will be a lot of effort spent in CYA rather than in learning what happened and developing fixes.

In fact, isn't it ironic, how the more we demand accountability the murkier things get? People end up filling out more forms, providing more explanations, hiring more lawyers, creating more fine print, and we drown in information overload. We have so many facts and figures available to us we become unable to sort it all out and make sense of it.

Of course, I don't expect a lot of people will take this admonition anymore seriously than pointing out to Claude Rain he was just gambling in the back of Rick's as he is closing Rick's down for gambling.

I think the Vatican should make Claude Rains the patron saint of politics.

Update 10/23/2009 This will be my last reference to Claude Rains in my writing. If I do it again please, beat me up for it!