Monday, September 14, 2009

The New Windows Ad

Have you seen it?

Windows attempts to confuse people by hitching the hardware (the PC) to its operating system (Windows and in this case Windows 7). In this case, I guess it makes sense but the Apple commercials doing the same are not so sensible. In fact, Apple's operating system is a close relative to the one I prefer to use and I use to run our PC class hardware.

Now to my main gripe about the commercial.

Yeah, I know the little girl is cute and so are the pictures but I say WTF is that? I guess MS is trying targeting a very specific segment of the market with that advertisement (grandmothers?). Also, they could put up the slide captions in latin as I have this notion people are not reading them (a vast majority of those I suspect who form the target market probably wouldn't understand the captions anyway).