Friday, December 17, 2004

Why religous voters break Republican.

I know I know. You are a religious person and you voted Democrat. Re-read the title please it states "break" which means mostly. Most surveys use weekly church service attendance as the qualification for religious. Those surveys put religious voters firmly in the GOP camp. When self-identification is the criteria it splits evenly.

I have seen much bloviating on the Left as to why this is. It starts off with the usual lines about how GOPers are actually not religious and how they are hateful and .... They believe the Right has hijacked religion.

Nope the Right has not hijacked religion, the Left has revoked its respectable status within its own eyes.

I ask you who do you think the members of the "People for the American Way" vote for? Who do you think ACLU members vote for? Who do you think "Americans for the Separation of Church and State" vote for? I know I know, think in general terms. If we pick a random member of the "Americans for the Sepearation of Church and State" would you bet they voted for Kerry or W? I know who my money is on.

The forces that drive the Democrat Pary are not just suspicious of relgion they are overtly hostile to it and work to stamp it out of public life.

That is why religious voters have turned to the Right.