Monday, April 11, 2005

The Al-Pazeera Pulitzer Staged?

Wretchard at the Belmont Club takes a very close look at the stories being told about Al-Pazeera's Pulitzer prize winning photo. He starts off by blogging about a Powerline blog where the good guys at Powerline post an Al-Pazeera statement.

Wretchard goes over this report closely with an excerpt from a dissertation on guerilla urban warfare in mind. He states:
But when we look at famous photo, we see an car a short distance behind the gunmen with its windshield intact! Since the force of an explosion varies inversely with the square of the distance, the powerful blast the AP photographer experienced must have originated much nearer to his car than to scene of the Pulitzer Prize winning photo. Either that or the laws of physics had been repealed. In addition to the burning car 300 meters from the scene, we have explosions at or near the place where the photographer has parked. But the photographer hardly has thoughts for that; his attention is riveted upon the dramatic execution. He takes a camera from his car and captures the prize-winning pics. In his account many passing cars are "now fleeing the area". The drivers had only now noticed the "something" on Haifa Street to which he had been alerted so many minutes before, which he had time to drive to; they belatedly saw there was a burning car; they only now focused on the armed men who had been directing traffic away a fact that caused so much alarm in the AP photographer; it dawned on the drivers that there had been an explosion powerful enough to shatter glass at considerable distances. They now began to flee the area. A denser set of motorists could hardly be found. Yet there was one dimmer. The AP photographer then gets back into the car and takes a wrong turn that takes him to the very place he wished to flee (was his car not positioned for a quick getaway?), where he takes more photos, presumably from much closer. By now, how many minutes have elapsed since he received the tip that something was happening on Haifa Street? Those insurgents apparently didn't care much for Major Marques principle of "prompt withdrawal". Either that or they allotted half an hour to kill three people with a force of twenty to thirty men.

That's what happened. Honest.

Set aside about 30 minutes and read Wretchard's entire post very closely.

Something is very fishy and at the least it shows Al-Pazeera and the Pulitzer committee area carrying the terrorist's water.