Tuesday, July 19, 2005

More Lefty Lovin'

Regarding my Iowahawk trackback.

Doing a google on Blogger Beer I noticed another site (Tacitus) that referred to Blogger Beer regarding the Iowahawk blog. In fact, Blogger Beer is explicitly referred to as the only offensive post in the trackback section.


Kos comes up with one of the most novel descriptions of it all "The New McCarthyism". I tell you, I can see Screw 'Em blowing off the old playbook from the '50s & '60s and finding that treasure. He says, wow! I wonder if that one has been used lately? The sheer originality of it all. I tell you, I would expect as much from a ninth grade English writing student.

Anyway, the point of Screw 'Em's blog was to question why after the Durbin episode we would do essentially the same thing? I suppose the left is all into moral equivalence and so Screw 'Em and the Krazy Kos Kiddies see the situation as morally equivalent.

Well. Inevitably when I see when leftists gather in large number there are bound to be signs along the order of "We support our troops when they kill their officers." Churchill from Colorado essentially (hypothetical though it was) essentially called on the troops to murder their officers. How many times have we heard those on the left call for the murder of our leaders? These same people then have the nerve to turn around and call themselves patriots.

Turban Durbin OTOH, reads a description of what is of course less than nice treatment of a Gitmo detainee and likens it to The Nazi Concentration camps, Stalins gulags, Pol Pot's Cambodia? WTF? People on the order of millions died in those places, and those deaths were not necessarily humane. Recall what Mengele's is reputed to have done. The gulags prisoners were forced to work in sub-zero temperatures with little protection from the elements and food.

Perhaps, the piece paints with a wide brush there are leftists with the spine to fight Bin Laden and defend Western values and Culture. Sounds like some more converts were made of late.