Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Someone Gave a Speech Tonight?

So my tweeps & Facebookies are hinting at. Really, what did he say? Hehehe, Yeah I know Preisdent Brk gave a speech this evening and there was 0 chance he was going to say anything other than my way — I want you all to be wards of the state.

What I did do was work on cutting up three cords of oak this evening. What a pleasure that was, we had a pretty good setup. My source had the logs on his property and it was a big pile the pieces were 8' long each and anywhere from 2' to perhaps 3" in diameter. He had a machine that he could pick up the logs with and swing them over to us. We would then cut the pieces outside the claw and the last piece would get dumped and I would cut that up. I attempted to cut but the chain on my saw was not as sharp as it was a week (or so) ago. So, I would cut the leftovers so my cousin could concentrate on the full sized logs. I'ld get caught up and then help with stacking.

The wood is mixed, some pieces had green leaves on them and some were cracking already. I am guessing most of the wood will not be ready until next fall -- however, then I will have a good supply chain built up. I'll have to go and get some more wood that I know is ready for burning (and I know where there is some oak for that purpose).

Oak has a realy spicy smell to it when it is cut up and the smell of Romano cheese is also hinted at. So different from maple which is a sweet smell (think maple syrup). I love woodmaking. I'll split some with my 6 pounder and some will be split using a power splitter -- 2' x 16" oak is not going to split very readily.