Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The Belmont Club.

One of the most thoughtful blogs I read is The Belmont Club. The Belmont Club does not crank out prodigious numbers of blogs per day but the ones they do are documented, well researched, and well reasoned. The BC put out a blog today noting how the Left attempts to cover up the attrocities of those we fight.

The main example of this was after the suicide-bomber hit the mess tent in Mosul the terrorists mortar attacked the cleanup scene. They did this knowing full well doctors and rescue personal would be concentrated and in fact their report has a mortar hitting the hospital (the hit had no effect as it was in a reinforced bunker). Furthermore elaborated is the fact the group launching mortar attack obviously had observors and was most likely shooting from a residential area.

The terrorists know full well the USA is held to a double standard. They know full well the left only rages at the USA and willingly covers up or minimizes the actions of the terrorists. Another example of this is few European forensic archeologists are helping with mass grave investigations because Saddam and his henchmen might get death for the crimes.

Most on the left are not too be trusted with our security. Too many can not even be upset when they attack our homeland.