Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Al-Pazeera Is At It Again.

A report by Al-Pazeera (aka the AP) borders on misleading.

A 1982 law prohibits the deliberate exposure of the identity of an undercover CIA officer.

Wilson believes the Bush administration leaked the name as retribution for his criticism.

First, the law is more complicated than what the single sentence lets on. There is absolutely nothing that has come out to date that indicates Valerie Plame was covered by the law. A brief filed by a consortium of newspapers details two separate incidents of the CIA inadvertently blowing Valeries cover. In any event Valerie had been a simple desk jockey analyst at CIA HQ.

So what about what Wilson believes? Unfortunately the MSM believes it too and no amount of contrary facts are going to convince them otherwise.

Once again both Rove & Chenney's aid's conversation to reporters involved saying "Yeah, I heard that too" in response to a reporter's query about Plame being a CIA agent. It's called denial and blind spots.

President Bush said Monday he would fire any member of his staff who "committed a crime," a change from his previous vow to fire anyone involved in the leak.

This is an outright falsehood. The President has maintained anyone guilty of criminal activity would be fired from the very start. This is a real slick piece of trickery here.

The past two weeks have brought revelations that top presidential aide Karl Rove was involved in leaking the identity of Plame to Novak and to Cooper.

What or who is Judith Miller shielding? Karl Rove has waived any expectations of confidentiality. Who told Judy about all of this? I guess the left isn't interested in getting to the bottoms of Judy's story, huh? It might ruin a very good fundraising scheme.

BTW the story focuses on a memo that the State Department wrote about Wilson & Plame and Wilson's pool-side sitting & tea drinking investigation adventure in Niger.

Read the complete Al-Pazeera piece here.